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How to use pop-ups and slide-ins successfully. Really🙂

Oct 13, 2020 3:09:05 PM

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There are many tools which claim to do pop-ups and slide-ins, but we know only one which does it smart: Sleeknote. And that's why we are very proud to welcome Mogens Møller, CEO and co-founder of Sleeknote, who shared insights from 10+ billion sessions ⬇️

What is a pop-up?

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with pop-corn 🍿🙈But it can be equally fun, because it is highly relevant for cinema-goers and movie-watchers.

A pop-up is a visual element which drags the attention of the website visitor away from the website to a particular interaction. This interaction is usually part of a conversion, for example subscription of a newsletter or others.

So far the wikipedia part. However, there are not many marketers and website visitors who scream hurray when they see a pop-up because there are dozens that annoy us.

What does Sleeknote do differently?

Sleeknote gathered data from over 10 billion sessions and Mogens shared some key findings. So let's take a quick look into it:

  1. Pop-ups are most effective if they appear after 8 seconds.
  2. Pop-ups with two form fields create most conversions. A single form field works equally fine. After three the conversion drops from 3% to 1%. In order to gather more information Sleeknote created multi-step forms in pop-ups and slide-ins.
  3. Images create twice the amount of conversions than without a visual hook. Another piece of advice: Stock photos are okayish, but best is realistic and emotional photos of yourself.  

If you want to see the whole presentation and receive a little present, you can find the complete recording here ⬇️

Full recording of Sleeknote presentation about pop-ups and slide-ins


Kerstin Hagemann

Written by Kerstin Hagemann